• Fishing Services
    Premium Fishing Services offers a full service line of both cased and open hole fishing and milling equipment as well as P&A equipment and services. More...
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Whipstock Services
    The Premium Gauge Whipstock System is a single-trip sidetracking system for a cased wellbore. More...
  • Thru Tubing
    Premium Thru Tubing provides full service thru tubing fishing and milling services to support rig, snubbing or coiled tubing operations. More...
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Welcome to Premium Oilfield Services
Premium Oilfield Services provides a wide range of services to oilfield operators.   Premium Oilfield Services is an independent oilfield service company dedicated to providing its customers with the best service in the industry. Our services include Fishing Services, Wireline Services, Whipstock Services, and Thru Tubing Services.

As a rapidly growing company with the highest standards, Premium's mission is to supply its customers with the best tools and personnel in the North American oilfield market. We support all products and services with one of the newest tool fleets in the industry, experienced personnel dedicated to operational success and a focus on safety.

For more information, contact@premiumofs.com
Download the 2014 Premium Services Brochure here. Download
Our Services